What We Do

Optimising software engineering solutions with our specialised services.

  • Agile Development

    Agile Development

    With our rich experience delivering software solutions with agile practices since 2012, we are confident in using agile practices to implement software successfully for clients.

  • Consultancy


    Our clients turn to us when they are faced with complexities of software development. From conceptualisation to implementation, we collaborate with our clients to explore, validate, design, and implement software-focused solutions that best addresses user experience (UX) needs, technical considerations as well as business goals.

  • Maintenance and Managed Services

    Maintenance and Managed Services

    Besides providing agility to the solutions we provide clients, we recognise the need for maintenance and managed services. We go beyond keeping applications up and running - we provide organised teams who are highly adaptive and responsive. They are capable of handling a wide range of intricacies to upkeep applications as well as the security of user and business information within applications and infrastructure. We have time-tested experience in providing maintenance, security, cloud infrastructure and identity and access management (IAM) solutions that will meet stringent service levels you require.

  • User Experience Design & Research

    User Experience Design & Research

    IT systems and softwares have the power to improve lives and offer better digital experiences. Our Design & Research team works closely with and our Development teams to incorporate design activities that will optimise the solutions we propose.

    They are ready to provide trusted advice on how UX Design works with Agile ceremonies and what it takes to achieve streamline processes and effective cross-functional collaboration.