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Supporting Full Home Based Learning -- Student Learning Space

May 6, 2020

As a result of the Singapore Government’s Circuit Breaker measures started in April 2020, Singapore entered into an unprecedented full Home Based Learning (HBL) period when all our schools are closed.

The Student Learning Space (SLS), an online learning platform developed from ground up by Ufinity for the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) played a significant part in the success of the HBL. This is where a few hundred thousand students and tens of thousands of teachers used SLS for their HBL.

Given the fluidity of the Covid-19 situation, our team had a very short time to adapt and respond to a full HBL especially with the new Work-From-Home processes due to the Circuit Breaker period. Despite these odds, we worked closely with our stakeholders, did our best and delivered. In the end, we were able to witness history being made as the entire schooling cohort of hundreds of thousands of students continued their education in SLS at home during the CB period.

We want to thank everyone in the team, their families, as well as MOE in our journey to be part of this history. We are also proud in being able to do our part in contributing towards the Nation’s objective for home-based learning to minimize the impact of any pandemic to to the schooling cohort.

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