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Future of TV Partner Network

Mar 20, 2009

MDA’s “Future of Media” strategy aims to catalyse growth in the interactive digital media (IDM) sector by clustering our local industry to create leading positions in targeted areas, namely FutureTV, FutureMobile, FutureGames, FutureWorlds and FutureBooks. Each of the five Futures will create a collective vision and leverage on one another’s strengths to shape the media landscape.

The aim of the Future of Media strategy is to bring together a complementary best-of-breed offerings, and to allow the industry to leverage on one other’s customer base, market access, and partners. Through such interactions, we believe the industry will be inspired to innovate.

FutureTV, the first of the Futures to be launched at Broadcast Asia 2009, is an industry initiative with a partner network of 13 founder companies, supported by MDA, which are coming together to shape the future of TV. The FutureTV Partner Network is co-chaired by Mr Shaun Seow, Deputy CEO of MediaCorp, and Mr Tan Tong Hai, COO of StarHub. Other founder companies include Glocal Media Networks, PGK Media, ServTouch-ETI, SingTel-BIC, EON Reality, and Ufinity, as well as MNCs like Microsoft and Motorola. Upon the initiative’s formal launch, we expect the FutureTV Partner Network to grow its membership to between 50 to 100 companies, which are engaged in the visual media business.

The initial collaborations amongst the FutureTV Partner Network are:

  • An MOU between Glocal Media Networks and PGK Media to launch the Banyan TV Filipino channel under the PGKTV Network.
  • Collaborative support for ServTouch-ETI’s peer-to-peer technology deployed on PGK’s ADME network of large format out-of-home displays at key events such as National Day Parade and Youth Olympic Games.
  • A joint venture between Glocal Media Networks & Out There Media to establish Out There Media Asia-Pacific, creating access to up to 120 million users in EU and targets to have up to 200 million users in Asia-Pacific

The Partner Network is committed to support the growth of the industry by putting forth a combined commercial ‘muscle’ to help companies build innovative offerings and access global markets. For example, with the combined customer reach of founder members like MediaCorp and StarHub, companies could impact every Singaporean. Through StarHub, companies could gain access to triple play on mobile, cable TV and broadband services in Singapore. Network Partner, Glocal Media Networks, offers reach to more than 100 million users in the European Union.

The vision of the FutureTV Partner Network is to make Singapore a trusted Visual Media Capital by:

  1. Enabling Singapore as an “IDM Hub“ to aggregate and manage Intellectual Property, Distribute content to multiple geographies for multiple devices in multiple languages, and enable new ways to Monetise content (e.g. the ability to insert advertising into user generated content).
  2. Leveraging one another’s strength to create the next generation of visual media experience for consumers.
  • For example, offering greater interactivity and personalization to enhance the experience of consuming visual media by extending media search capabilities beyond text-based search.
  • Going beyond the traditional TV screen in the living room to multiple screens over the Internet, mobile devices, large format out-of-home displays, holograms, and other futuristic displays.

Partner Network

The following companies have agreed to join the FutureTV Partner Network. Each has committed resources for the rest of the Partner Network to leverage on:

  • MediaCorp: MediaCorp is seen in 22 territories via Channel NewsAsia International. In Singapore, its multi-media platforms comprising 10 TV channels (including HD5 and DVB-T channel, TVMobile), 18 radio stations (13FM and 5 DAB-only), the TODAY newspaper and 12 magazines reach out to all adults in Singapore every week. The top 10 radio stations in Singapore are from MediaCorp and TODAY is the second most read newspaper in Singapore. MediaCorp also provides DVB-T and DAB broadcast services and it has one of the largest sales force in Singapore.

    Starhub: StarHub is Singapore’s fully-integrated info-communication company offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate markets. StarHub operates Singapore’s fastest two-way HSPA+ mobile network that delivers up to 21Mbps for downlink to complement its nation-wide GSM network, and an island-wide HFC network that delivers multi-channel cable TV services (including High Definition Television and on-demand services) as well as ultra-high speed residential broadband services. StarHub also operates an extensive fixed business network that provides a wide range of data, voice and wholesale services.

  • PGK Media: PGK is committed to provide access to its network of advanced out-of-home digital billboards and displays installed in taxis and other strategic locations in Singapore, which supports advanced interactivity functions and dynamic posting of user generated content. PGK also has a digital broadcast centre and a digital virtual studio which will soon be launching the first digital terrestrial Pay-TV ethnic channel in Singapore.
  • Eon Reality: EON Reality addresses the interactive 3D market in about 16 countries. In Singapore, it is involved in the next generation R& D aimed at developing interactive multi user, multimodal platform. EON Reality is committed to provide its partners to produce stellar interactive 3D contents on scalable display formats. Further, with its test bed at Fusion 11, it is able to integrate and bring the convergence of traditional and new media players onto a common platform.
  • ServTouch-ETI: ServTouch-ETI has a network of Full High Definition Digital Signage in over 150 Kodak outlets in Singapore and Malaysia. Through its collaboration with a technology provider, ServTouch-ETi has access to over 50,000 media set-up boxes (and growing) worldwide, forming a P2P video streaming platform which caters for easy broadcast from any DV cam or webcam. An active on-line forum has already developed a rich ground for new ideas. A network of trained local videographers will help to grow LIVE user generated content under its Co-Space TV portal.
  • Glocal Media Networks: Glocal Media Networks is a global pay-television operator providing niche channels to the cable, satellite, IPTV, online and mobile operators worldwide. Currently, the company operates 15 full linear television networks in 5 countries. The company is fully vertically integrated with full production capabilities as well as play-out services through its Singapore based Digital Hub facility.
  • Ufinity: Headquartered in Singapore, Ufinity is an Asian Technology and Service Provider with proven track records in delivering convergence infrastructures and applications across the Telecommunications, Media, Finance and Public sectors.

    Representative projects include RazorTV (http://razor.tv), HubID and pfingo. RazorTV is a Web 2.0 live video streaming and video on demand site that integrates seamlessly with other social networks and mobile applications. HubID provides user provisioning and single sign-on while pfingo is an online mobile service delivery platform.

    Interactive experience is a key distinguishing feature for FutureTV. It is thus imperative that FutureTV should support a collective interactive applications and widgets, tied seamlessly together through a common directory, profile management, service provisioning, billing and charging framework. Ufinity’s Convergence Service Delivery Platform (CSDP) provides the common backend infrastructure to support deployment and operations of third party applications or widgets.

  • Motorola: Motorola is a global communications leader focused on accelerating the delivery of personal media experiences by offering service providers around the world solutions to evolve their networks to meet the exploding demand for bandwidth and innovative services. Motorola provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for Media Mobility, consisting of market-leading products, tools, and support that address the full value chain of an entertainment service provider.
  • M1: M1 entered the market in April 1997 as Singapore’s first alternative cellular mobile operator. Today M1 has a customer base of 1.669 million (as at 30 June 2009) that comprises many media/technology-savvy users. M1 offers a wide range of info-communications services covering mobile voice, mobile broadband, fixed broadband and IDD, and the operator is well-positioned to leverage on its experience and customer base to be an active participant in the Future TV partnership.
  • STREAM Global: Stream Global is a “Venture Catalyst” and their mission is to grow a STREAM of highly promising start-ups based in ASEAN but with GLOBAL reach focusing on Interactive Digital Media and Emerging ICT sector. Stream Global is made up of a group of experienced individuals who believes in partnering with passionate & capable entrepreneurs to help them deliver exceptional medium-term ROI to shareholders.
  • A2: A2 provides access to a network of management talents who are capable of providing strategic advice and clarification of business models. They offer the expertise of taking on senior roles in advising companies or projects.
  • Microsoft: Through the BizSpark program Microsoft helps early stage companies in their development and market growth. Microsoft provides qualified startups, entrepreneurs, and independent software vendors technology enablement, training & consultation, access to free software, and marketing promotion to help them enter global markets.
  • SMU – IIE: PGK Media and Athena innobator lead by Singapore Management University will establish a collaborative platform to build business innovations related to Future TV using a DVB-T channel . This platform will be open to any one interested in developing Future TV related innovations even though Athena Innobator is an i.Jam incubator that has been created across La Salle College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore Management University.
  • SingTel- BIC: SingTel is Asia’s leading communications company and satellite operator outside of Japan. Together with its wholly owned subsidary Optus, SingTel is an award-winning provider of fixed and mobile satellite services with its fleet of six satellites and access to another 30 satellites worldwide.SingTel works closely with the MDA and its partners to develop innovative broadcast media solutions, groom talents in the industry and enhance Singapore’s capabilities as a global media hub. SingTel’s Broadcast Innovation Centre, the first of its kind in Asia Pacific, serves as a powerful communications gateway that connects companies operating in Singapore’s Mediapolis@one-north media park to major media centres in more than 40 countries worldwide via satellite and terrestrial fibre networks. This enables local content providers to reach a global audience and also attract the best of breed broadcast & media solutions to commercialize and launch from Singapore. The centre lowers the cost of product development by providing technology entrepreneurs with the resources they need to bring their solutions to market. It is equipped with a proof of concept laboratory to allow developers to evaluate and test their solutions.

 Source: http://www.idm.sg/future-of-media/futuretv/

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