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RazorTV hit parade

Aug 13, 2008

IT'S HARDLY a week old, but Straits Times (ST) RazorTV is already making waves online.

The latest offering from media giant Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), ST RazorTV, which was launched last Friday, has already generated "hundreds of thousands of hits", according to ST RazorTV editor Eugene Leow. ST RazorTV is a web TV service broadcasting on Mondays to Fridays, offering eight hours of lifestyle and news programmes. Its selling point is its interactivity - viewer sliew commented on ST RazorTV's website that it is "great to have interactive news where we can watch and share our views at the same time".

Viewer sketchie, who also commented on the same page, thought the feature "clever". Indeed, viewers can post comments on the ST RazorTV website, where programmes are broadcast in real time.

Presenters "interact" with viewers by incorporating their comments in the broadcast. Student Daphne Lim, 20, told my paper that the interactivity of the site is "an innovative concept that has piqued my interest". ST RazorTV's fresh content is what sets it apart.

Viewer xueyu'ng describes the shows as "fun and interesting", while viewer samkhk is not only "impressed", but is also "hooked on RazorTV!". Especially well-received were the videos which focus on hyper-local content.

One video - No. 1 under the "Most Popular" tab which received 204,711 hits - focused on the topic "What makes Singaporeans Singaporean?"

In this National Day special which was aired on Saturday, presenter Sara-Ann took to the streets to gather opinions from locals.

Approaching passers-by, she queried them on the factors that distinguish Singaporeans from others. The answers she received included "being able to speak Singlish" and "kiasu". Viewers razorsharp and jl27 especially enjoyed these "candid street interviews".

Original and a tad irreverent, RazorTV even goes undercover in an MRT train to uncover Singaporeans' most common complaints regarding other commuters - behaviours. On the web TV station's originality, Mr Leow stressed: "We look for things that are unique to present."

Student Ken Cheng, 21, agreed, saying that the content is "exciting, new and appeals to younger audiences". Some viewers, however, encountered technical problems with the site. Difficulty with buffering was a common complaint. Multimedia correspondent Helmi Yusof, 33, replied that ST RazorTV is "still in the process of tweaking these technical problems".


Source: http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20080813-82107.html

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