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In a data driven world, secure data, applications and infrastructure are critical for survival and success.

Increasing environmental complexity, rapid technological changes, and the growing sophistication of threats, therefore require organizations to move beyond simply compliance. Security is a essential success factor for all performance organizations. Our trusted security, privacy and access solutions are designed to surmount the challenge of securely protecting and managing identities, data and access to organizational information and resources while enhancing organization effectiveness.

Identity and Access Management

Ufinity Identity and Access Management solutions are designed to help businesses tackle the challenge of securely managing identities and provisioning access to organizational information and resources, while keeping costs down. These solutions include:

  • Identity Management (IDM). Management of account provisioning and access, user self-service requests and account/password management, role-based provisioning of application accounts, recertification, segregation of duties assurance.
  • Web Access Management/ Single Sign-on (SSO) and Federation. Integrated login of various web properties. Centralized access policy management. Mobile integration. Risk-based access. Federation with external organisations over standards such as SAML, OAuth etc.
  • Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO). SSO Integration with Rich Desktop Application clients, password injection and management, integration with second factor devices for strengthened access.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Integration with ESSO or SSO systems. Accounts mapping and Token Management. Step-up authentication.
  • Mobile Applications Security. Risk-based authentication where users are prompted for authentication on a need-to basis that is based on the risk profile which depends on device signature, profile and access environments etc.

Application Security

Being an established custom applications developer and also a security vendor, Ufinity is uniquely positioned to help customer organisations in implementing applications security assessment and also incorporate best practices into applications development, to avoid risks of application vulnerabilities.

Our solutions enable the following:

  • Black box scanning of applications for vulunerabilities such as cross-site scripting, potential database SQL injections etc. This is also known as Dynamic analysis
  • White box scanning, or Static analysis involves scanning of application source code for potential vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows, tainted parameters etc.
  • Integration with existing processes such as monitoring, applications development and operations life-cycle.

Competitive Advantages

Ufinity has been specializing in Security and Identity solutions since year 2000 by developing and deploying products such as RightAccess and RightProvision in various sites in the region.

Unlike most traditional system integrators who do not have specific Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Security deployment specialization, Ufinity possesses strong domain knowledge and experience in these areas of implementation. We have integrated IAM technologies into the Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, deploying partner products from IBM, Novell, SUN Microsystems and Oracle. In the application security area, we have incorporated security best practices in our coding as part of our customs applications development business, so we are well-versed to help our customers with similiar requirements.

Our capabilities are exemplified by our extensive list of sucessful deployments in the region, including some of the largest deployments in the Government and Telcommunications Companies in Singapore as well as in the region.

Proven Track Record

Ufinity has an experienced team of consultants and engineers who are technically accredited in over 17 products and technologies across the key IAM and Security product vendors. They support our Security and IAM business across Asia Pacific.

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